Nature’s Crayons

At the last set of parent-teacher conferences I listened to parents of a kindergarten student as they explained their son’s excitement over “nature’s crayons”, something they had done with him at home. I thought it sounded cool, and the parents offered to collect nature materials for their son’s class, so that perhaps everyone could experience “nature’s crayons”.

In case you’re not sure what nature’s crayons are, I’ll explain. If you take different things found in nature, like leaves, petals, sticks, stems, etc. and rub them onto paper, they make marks. Almost like the juice that colors them gets spread onto paper.


Also, in case you’re not sure how excited kindergarteners get over nature’s crayons, I’ll explain. They get VERY excited. It’s basically discovering that something you interact with on a daily basis has a secret power. Leaves and flowers can draw!


I apologize for the lack of photos, but we were all so engaged in our art making that I forgot to snap them – and then the students were so excited to take their pictures home that I didn’t have the courage to break their hearts.



If you’re looking for something awesome to do this summer, go pick some flowers and leaves in the park and make some art using nature’s crayons!

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