Spring is Here and 89 Artists are (B)Looming!

Sometimes we picture our lives as if they were part of a Hollywood movie. This week my life was part of Fiddler on the Roof.

No, not the part where Tevye sings about tradition, and not the part where Golde sings about how fast children grow up – although at the end of the school year I can certainly relate to both of these.

I’m talking about the fabulous scene where newlyweds Tzeitel and Motel attract the attention of the villagers as they welcome their new arrival… a sewing machine! The humor is in the commotion, as the viewer is sure the fuss is about a baby, only to find out it’s about a piece of machinery.

Fiddler sewing machine

Similar commotion was made this past week by 89 students and staff alike, as the 89 Art Room welcomed our new arrival – the Friendly Loom. Passersby were poking their heads in and congratulating me, students were Ooohing and Aaahhhhing, and everyone wanted a piece of the action.


I don’t have any shots of students working yet, but after only a few days, this loom has been strung and unstrung, ribboned and de-ribboned,  sewn and unsewn, and brought lots of happiness to 89 artists.

As part of the 3rd grade weaving study, students will each have access to their own personal looms, as well as the Friendly loom, but I will also allow students in all of the grades the chance to work on this fabulous frame.

It will hopefully become a new 89 tradition! tevye-2

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