Kindergarten Patterns & Designs

I try not to have much of a hand in students’ work, but for this one kindergarten project I make an exception.

For these beautiful silhouette drawings I traced each student’s face onto paper. As a class, we discussed the difference between a pattern in math and a pattern in art. While both types of patterns are sets of things that repeat, in math patterns are usually several different things (a circle, square and triangle) that repeat themselves in a recognizable trend. In art, a pattern is often the same thing that repeats itself to fill up a space or create a design. We identified three main types of art patterns: line patterns, shape patterns and picture patterns. Lots of classmates were wearing clothing that was filled with stripe patterns or dot patterns or heart patterns. They were easy to identify. Here’s the result of our conversations:

Finally, students got to work filling their silhouettes in with various patterns.

Click on a photo to begin slideshow.

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One thought on “Kindergarten Patterns & Designs

  1. Shannah says:

    So sweet! Love the positive and negative shapes.

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