2nd Grade Leaf Drawings

There was a lovely cardinal in the tree outside of my classroom window this morning. Its lovely red color stood out so brightly against the bland white-ish gray-ish wash that our winter has become.

It reminded me of these beautiful leaf drawings the second graders made back in the fall, and, as I was trying to decide what to post next, thought this would be the perfect time for a bit of color.


Second graders created these observational drawings of leaves using fabric leaves that I have in the classroom. When drawing, they focused on the shape of the leaf in front of them, and the curves and angles of the leaf’s edges.  We discussed composition, and arrangement of their leaves, and how lining up the leaves gives a different feel to their artwork than placing them at various angles and spots around the paper.

When it came time to add color, we discussed the warm and cool color families. Since autumn leaves are primarily warm colors (reds, oranges and yellows), they would stand out best if the background was made of cool colors (blues, greens and purples).  So, using their best blending and shading techniques, color was added with colored pencils on the leaves, and watercolor pencils in the background.

Click on a photo to begin slideshow:

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