Just a pinch!

Teaching students to control their pressure in art is something I struggle with often as the teacher. Students always want to press hard with their pencil, or squeeze their clay til it comes ooozing out of their fists. The feedback from the pencil on paper and the sensation of soft, mushy clay on skin is truly appealing (believe me, I get it – I do this all day!!). Sometimes, however, a pinch must truly be a pinch. And what better way to teach that than with pinch pots!

A pinch pot is a clay vessel that is created by carefully pinching a ball of clay until it has a cup-like shape. We went one step further and added tails and eyes to ours, making them pinch pot fish.


To jazz them up a bit at the end, students added some decorative touches with gold paint.

Click on a photo to begin slide show:


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