Drawing with Scissors

One of the most challenging things for a kindergarten student to do is work with scissors. It’s hard to put your fingers in them the right way, it’s hard to open and close them and it’s hard to get them to cut exactly what you want them to cut… Luckily for our kindergarten students, they were learning to use scissors while being inspired by the great Henri Matisse.


Kindergarten 2014-2015 Matisse


First we discussed the difference between geometric shapes (like squares, circles, triangles) and organic shapes (freeform, wibbly-wobbly, zig-zaggy). Then, building on the knowledge of collage that the students already had from their classrooms, we got to work.

Kindergarten artists created these amazing collages using their love of Matisse and their new scissor skills!

Click on an image to begin slide show.

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One thought on “Drawing with Scissors

  1. rachelle says:

    Sarah I love these-I do a similar project with my first graders-they cat organic shapes and create a collage that depicts a dream-we read Colorful Dreamer (?) and other books about Monsieur Mattisse.

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