Meanwhile, Down In the Art room…

Kindergarten artists begin the year learning about color. Exploring the mixtures of primary to secondary colors can be quite magical.

The first project of the school year was a smoosh painting. With a bag filled with red, yellow and blue paint, students got to push and smoosh and mush their bag of paint until they had all of the colors of the rainbow represented – all without getting a drop of paint on their hands! Here are just a few selections:

The next method of color exploration was impressionism. Kindergarten students learned about Monet, and his unique way of applying paint to blend colors together. Students used q-tips to dot and dab their paint on their paper, mimicking the style of brushstrokes Monet used, to create vibrant, colorful paintings. Here are a few selections:

Coming soon: Kindergarten Retrospective continued… Matisse collages! Pinch pot fish!

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