Sticky Figures

This year the 4th graders were up for a challenge. We broke up into groups of 3 or 4 and created life size figure sculptures out of clear packing tape.


Not only was the experience wild and fun, but challenged the students to work collaboratively within their group, as the success of their sculpture depended on it.

First, each group chose a model and a pose; the other group members would be tape workers. The first layer of tape was wrapped around the model, in one specific spot (i.e. an arm), sticky side OUT, and then the second layer was put on that same spot sticky side IN – creating a sheet of plastic that was wrapped around each body part.

After each body part was taped, the tape was carefully cut off and reassembled, and then eventually taped together, connecting it with the rest of the body parts.

The 4th graders are generally an impressive bunch, but watching them work together and create these phenomenal sculptures was truly special.

click on an image to begin slideshow

One thought on “Sticky Figures

  1. Catherine Salerno says:

    Those tape sculptures turned out awesome! I had no idea they would be so nice when I saw them “in process” in April!

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