First Grade Mix Masters

For the past few weeks, first grade artists have been learning to take red, yellow, blue, black & white paint and mix all different colors in order to make large-sized self portraits.


 Finding skin tones was the most challenging part, but each student carefully experimented with their paint and then tested their color out with a small patch of paint on their hand. Continuing to mix until they found a match they were happy with.


Next, the students had to paint their facial features, hair, clothes and background with the same color mixing techniques and one strict rule – no color could be used straight from the bottle!  With this challenge, students were forced to create their own hues and variations of colors that they would have normally squeezed from a bottle of paint right onto their artwork.

The results were a wide array of colors more beautiful than anything Crayola could think up!

Click on the photo to begin slideshow:


2 thoughts on “First Grade Mix Masters

  1. Mohamed says:

    Best art teacher ever

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