Printmaking Gets K’s Stamp of Approval

Stamping is a fantastic way to introduce Printmaking to kindergarteners because most kids love using stamps – and stamps are a form of printmaking!

Usually, when I first begin talking about printmaking with students I ask about their experiences with stamping. All students have stamped something before – whether it’s the date onto their class attendance sheet, or a hand stamp, or even by using the tips of their fingers in ink. Stamping is a fun, simple way to ease into basic printmaking.


In addition to using foam tiles to create their own stamps, Kindergarten students have been experimenting with using unusual objects to print on their papers. Sort of like a cross between stamping and painting with things other than paintbrushes. We used toothbrushes, monster trucks, toilet paper tubes and stuffed animals to make our prints.

Some K classes have not had their wild stamping day yet, but they ALL will – not to worry!

Here are some great shots taken during our day of stamp experimenting!

Click on a photo to begin slideshow:


2 thoughts on “Printmaking Gets K’s Stamp of Approval

  1. rachelle says:

    Sarah…did something similar with my kindergarteners…they used toilet paper tubes, and plastic caps…but I am loving, as I am sure the kids did, the stuffed animal idea! That’s great! Am considering a bubble wrap printing project…and trying rubberbands next time!

    • 89artroom says:

      Rubber bands and bubble wrap sound so fun!! Yes, the stuffed animals were a blast. It was definitely a chance to do something crazy. I bought a bunch of tiny ones at the dollar store, and 1 big guy at ikea. Not too much money for a fantastic experience!!

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