Guess who ‘popped’ into the art room the other day?

Matthew talks us through some of his most exciting pop-ups!

Matthew talks us through some of his most exciting pop-ups!

Teaching in NYC is amazing. As learners, we have such wonderful opportunities right at our fingertips.

This past Tuesday, the 3rd graders got the chance to sit down and chat with one of the best pop-up book engineers (and NY Times bestselling author/illustrator/artist) in America (who just so happens to live in NYC), Matthew Reinhart.

Matthew Reinhart is also just a fantastic person. He so generously offered his time to our own little pop-up engineers. He brought tons of fantastic photos to share, as well as some of his books… AND did some teaching as well!

The third graders came prepared to learn and ask some very thoughtful questions about Matthew’s life and experiences as an artist and a pop-up engineer.

This is the 4th year that 89 3rd graders have been studying pop-up engineering. It’s one of our most exciting and popular units in the art room. Matthew Reinharts visit brought our students excitement over the top, and later in the day several students came running up to me in the halls telling me about the new ideas they had for their work based on something Mr. Reinhart had said.

Click on the photo to begin slideshow:

Learn more about the amazing work Matthew does, and learn how to do some pop-ups too, at his website Matthew Reinhart | Pop-ups, paper art and beyond

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