Paper Sculpture Thing-a-ma-jigs

It’s a known fact among my students that I’m obsessed with paper crafts. Pop-up books, kirigami, snowflakes and paper sculpture are a few of my most favorite things. I find that when I’m teaching those projects to students, I become so inspired by their ideas and enthusiasm that I end up spending all of my free time cutting and pasting and gluing little scraps of paper to see what I can come up with myself.

First grade students spent a few art classes figuring out what they could DO to paper, so that it didn’t just lay there. We brainstormed some ideas and then tested them out on scraps of paper. Each student had to DO each one of the things on this poster (created from the ideas they generated) to their pieces of paper.


Then, as their final project, each student had to create a paper sculpture that showed just how exciting good ol’ paper can really be!

**These sculptures are so much more fantastic in real life. Please stop by the 2nd and 3rd floor hallways to see them up close!

Click on a photo to begin slideshow.


3 thoughts on “Paper Sculpture Thing-a-ma-jigs

  1. Esther says:

    It is very beautiful and colorful, makes you happy!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love these! I am going to try this with my first grade

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