Gesture Drawing

One of the most exciting units in 5th Grade art is Figure Study. We begin the unit each year learning about figure drawing and basic proportion. Then, any student who is interested becomes our class model as each student takes turns posing up on a table for the rest of the students to draw.


Each student only gets to pose for 3-5 minutes, which is an eternity for the person standing still as a model – but a very short amount of time for the artists to get their drawings just right. These quick sketches are called Gesture Drawings. One of the biggest challenges of this unit is to support the students who are perfectionists and get them comfortable with a messy sketching style.

Here are some of our wonderful gesture drawings so far:


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2 thoughts on “Gesture Drawing

  1. Tom says:

    Nice work.

  2. rachelle says:

    love…teach me how to teach that! Love it! You are churning out some true artistes!!!

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