Fifth Grade Camouflage Paintings

I am so proud to present the first few finished pieces of artwork from my 5th graders.

Step 1: Choose an image to paint.

Step 2: Use acrylic paint to paint base colors and then details.

Step 3: Paint your hand or an object to match the painting underneath, as if it’s camouflaged.

Each student chose a background image to paint. I had offered an assortment of images, but gave students the option to print a picture of their choice. (This is why you’ll notice some repeats.) And then we talked about acrylic paint, color mixing and choosing base colors versus detail colors.

We watched a quick video about an incredible camouflage artist named Liu Bolin which EVERYONE should check out, it’s phenomenal.

And then, when students finished their acrylic paintings, they had a choice to camouflage an object or their hand onto their paintings.

Here are some photos of the process and the results:

Click on an image to begin slideshow.

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One thought on “Fifth Grade Camouflage Paintings

  1. Tom says:

    Very cool. Love the idea.

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