Glue & Watercolor Paint Blobs



One of my favorite things about being an art teacher is finding new and interesting ways to use materials that we are all so familiar with, and used to using in another way.

A few weeks ago some classes experimented with glue (regular, white school glue) and watercolor paint (rehydrated from a palette, not liquid watercolors). It was very exciting to see what happened to the paint…

Each student got a tray with blobs of glue on it, and they used brushes to drip watercolor paint into the glue. Some students let the paint “bloom” where they dropped it, and others used sticks to swirl it around.

A few classes later, after the glue had dried, the students had the option to leave it on the foil background, peel it off and keep it as it is, or peel it off and make something with it.

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