Come on Get “OP”py!


I like to begin the 5th grade art year with Op Art. I think that it’s just the thing to balance the excitement and “senior-itis” that the 5th grade year brings. With Op Art, students need to focus, work slowly and learn to control their bodies in order to create a successful piece of artwork.

We start by looking at a few pieces of art by Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. Then we discuss how technology has drastically changed the challenges that an Op artist faces. Now, repetitive line art can be programed into a graphics program and created more quickly – but when Vasarely and Riley worked, they had no computer programs.

Students created line art, shape op art and some pieces that were a mixture of both. The goal/challenge was to draw a line as close to the ones next to it, without touching it, using their marker. It was very tricky!

Check out some of these beautiful drawings:

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