After reading Mouse Paint, by Ellen Walsh, Kindergarten students were excited about the idea of mixing colors together to create other colors from the rainbow.

Kindergarten artists got to experience a real treat of a project, as they smooooshed primary colors together to create secondary colors – in a bag!

Each student received a bag (a closed and very securely sealed bag) containing red, yellow and blue paint – the primary colors! We looked at the bag together, and talked about the different ways to use our hands in order to get the paint inside to smoosh together and mix. Some students used the soft pad of their fingers, others used their nails in a very careful way. Some students made their hands into fists and kneaded their baggies until their paints mixed together.

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Students knew they were finished smooshing when they saw their primary colors (red, yellow & blue), AND their secondary colors (orange, green, purple) represented in their baggies.

These colorful paintings can be seen hanging on the second floor, outside of the main office!

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One thought on “Smoooooooosh!

  1. cristina says:

    Thanks for showing us the art projects!!!

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