1st Grade Line Collages


I have introduced a new lesson this year to the first grade students, into their unit on lines. After talking about the difference between a line and a shape, and making lists of all of the different lines we could think of, students drew lines across the back of a painting they had made.

The tricky part came next – cutting up the paper, by cutting on the lines. First grade artists all agreed that while cutting across a straight or even a wavy line was pretty easy, cutting a zig zag line proved to be much, much more difficult.

Once a line of paper had been cut off, the artist glued it down onto a black background, but left space in between each strip of paper, so that the negative space of the collage created bold black lines.

Whenever I introduce a new project, there is always the risk of it being unsuccessful, or just blah… well not these!! This is definitely a keeper!


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2 thoughts on “1st Grade Line Collages

  1. rachelle says:

    What a fun idea!!!

  2. artwithmsk says:

    These are awesome! I am pinning this and will definitely be trying it out with my kiddos.

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