The Final Countdown!

As the year draws to a close, there’s loads of excitement in the PS 89 art room! While our regular curricular projects are continuing, I am also trying to set up an end of the year art show (yay!!) (with AMAZING parent volunteers!), and get ready to send the year’s artwork home.

Please make sure to ask your children about the artwork they bring home, they worked so hard this year and made such beautiful pieces. In past years I have had conversations with parents over the difficult decision of whether or not to save all (or some) artwork, or to just appreciate it and eventually discard it. It’s a tough choice to make!

Noah celebrating spring by painting some rocks from the front yard.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider:
• make a scrapbook, ask your child to select their two favorite pieces from the year and put them in the book.
• Take photos of the favorite pieces and upload them to a site that can print them out on to magnets, then let the fridge become a mini-gallery.
• Take photos off all artwork created this year and upload it to an online photo site that can print out a photo book. You can do this every year and then you will have a collection of your child’s artwork throughout their years at 89.

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