We Make Do With What We Have!

Like many art teachers, at some point, I have a great lesson idea but am at the mercy of the materials available, or the time available, or the space available – and need to improvise! It keeps things interesting, and challenges me to always problem-solve creatively.
I love coil pots and ceramics, but am without a kiln here at 89. To keep the unit as part of my 1st grade curriculum I have decided to use good ole’ Model Magic instead of clay, and I think the students were still able to sculpt beautiful pots with it.
First graders learned how to use their hands to pinch, press and roll the clay into balls, spirals, patties and snakes that we used to build our sculptures. In the end, a coat of watercolor paint and a few coats of glaze finished off the project.
Here are a few samples.

Click on a photo to open the slideshow.

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One thought on “We Make Do With What We Have!

  1. Natalia says:

    This is such a great project! Cannot wait to see Sasha’s work. Thank you for doing this!

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