A Call For…

1. Parent Volunteers to help frame, label and hand out the year’s artwork. Anyone interested can come! You can come once or several times – no pressure!!
If interested, please email me at shene@ps89.org

2. T-shirts…
The third graders are beginning their weaving unit and this year we are adding a project – hula hoop weaving! We are in need to t-shirts of all size and color that we will cut up into strips (It also doesn’t matter what image or words are on the shirt). Please donate your clean, unwanted shirts for our students to weave with!

As always, thank you so much!!!

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2 thoughts on “A Call For…

  1. christina says:

    Do you still need shirts?

    • 89artroom says:

      Well, we have a ton right now, but since this is the first time we are weaving with shirts, I’m not exactly sure how much we really need. I’ll always take donations though! Worst case scenario, I will use them for weaving next year!

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