P is for Picasso!

First graders just finished up a wonderful unit on my absolute favorite artist – Pablo Picasso! We read a bit about Picasso’s life and artistic styles, and then set out to create some artwork of our own. I chose Picasso’s Blue Period, Cubism and Assemblage as three types of artwork to inspire the students with.
For our ‘Blue Period’ paintings, students were challenged to create an observational painting of a flower filled vase, but while using a limited palette of blue, black, white and an unexpected color of their choice. This was really tricky, because the flowers in the vase were reds, pinks, oranges, and. The students had to decide which tints or shades of blue would be appropriate to paint each flower. The paintings were finished off with some details in oil pastel, and the results are stunning!

Click on photo to enlarge

The next Picasso style we were inspired by was Cubism! Students experienced the wild and bizarre way that Picasso fragmented his artwork by creating cubist profile faces of their own. The final drawings were all so unique and beautiful.

Click on photo to enlarge.

And finally, we created an Assemblage, using cardboard, magazines, glue and acrylic gloss medium. Each student assembled a musical instrument using cut cardboard, and then glued it onto a larger sheet of cardboard that they had collaged with magazine scraps. To finish their pieces, students added a final touch of glossy glaze.

Check out a larger assortment of the Picasso Unit artwork here:

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