K’s Work on a Winter Resist

Even thought we New Yorkers never got a true winter this year, here in the art room we are just finishing up a beautiful masking tap/watercolor resist project.

A watercolor resist painting is where the artist uses something (like oil pastels, wax crayons or in our case – tape!) to block off certain parts of their paper so that it is protected from the paint. We exercised our fine motor skills and ripped masking tape in order to create a birch tree forest in the winter. After discussing all of the different colors we can see in the sky, students got to work designing their scenes.

Click on photo to enlarge.

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One thought on “K’s Work on a Winter Resist

  1. Diane says:

    Sarah, The art projects are wonderful!! It was great to see that our students are very creative. Go 89artkids! Diane

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