5th Graders Continue to Impress Me!

The fifth graders are wrapping up our many months long figure study. It began with discussions and exercises on proportion and how to draw the figure using basic shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle), went on to live model gesture drawing, and ended with individual figure sculptures inspired by Alberto Giacometti.


The work produced by the students was nothing less then Top Notch! Sculpture poses were fun, dynamic, and personally reflective of the artists who created them. What really impressed me though, was the students’ performances during the live model part of this unit. Any student who wanted to be a model for class was invited to do so, as long as they could handle standing perfectly still up on a table in front of their entire class – who would be staring right at them! It’s a lot to ask of a 5th grader! Not only did almost every single student model, but the level of professionalism from the students who were drawing was astounding!

The sculptures created in the end were amazing, and certainly indicative of the level of talent in our students here at PS 89. Here are a few samples, hopefully more to come at some point.

The wire armature that formed the sculpture's pose.

And then rubbed with a thin layer of gold metallic paint.

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